Сrawler mining excavators

Excavators EKG - a shovel, full-rotary, electro-mechanical machine crawler. The working equipment of the ECG excavator is called "a direct mechanical shovel". The abbreviation of the ECG excavator is deciphered as follows: Э - the excavator, C-career, G-caterpillar. The following digit (for example, an ECG 5) designates ladle capacity in cubic meters. Next by digit alphabetic index shows upgrade option (for example, E - the excavator with the extended working equipment for the upper loading), and also, can designate a code of the producer (N - the New Kramatorsk Engineering Plant).

ECGs excavators are intended for development and loading in vehicles or in a dump of minerals and overburden breeds. Used excavators EKG to open cast mining in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, the coal industry, in the building materials industry, and also for performance of large volumes of earthwork in industrial construction is used. ECG excavators is simple in management and service.

The greatest distribution was gained by ECGs excavators 5A with a volume of ladle of 4-5.2 cubic meters of production of JSC "Uralmash". This is followed by excavators on the basis of ECG 8I JSC "Izhora Plants". In the territory of the former Union of the independent states there are 5 production sites where created a similar machine.

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