Excavator EKG 5A

The EKG-5 - excavator career caterpillar with a ladle with a capacity of 5 m3 — the electrical shovel full-rotation on caterpillar to the course, intended for dredging and loading in vehicles of minerals and overburden breeds, including heavy rocky, preliminary loosened blast, in the coal industry, in the building materials industry, and also for accomplishment of large volumes of earthwork in an industrial construction. ECG excavators is simple in management and service.

The abbreviation of the ECG excavator is deciphered as follows: Э - excavator, K - career, G - caterpillar. The following digit (for example, an ECG 5) designates ladle capacity in cubic meters. Following  alphabetic index shows the upgrade option  (for example, U - the excavator with the extended working equipment for the upper loading), and also, can designate a code of the producer.

This excavator is a modification of old models of Uralmashplant: EKG-4.6B and EKG-4.6, EKG-4.6A.
The developed breeds with a volume weight more than 2 t/m3 have to be previously loosened. The excavator is intended for a temperate climate with an interval of temperatures from-40 to +40 °C, and also for tropical climate at the height no more than 1000 m above sea level.
The career caterpillar EKG-5A Excavator is designed from such working parts and knots: couples caterpillar frames with caterpillar chains and wheels; undercarriage consisting of a bottom frame; running mechanism, the wreath gear, the roller circle. All the mechanisms are closed with a bodywork (on a platform).
The roof of a body is equipped with removable panels. They are necessary for convenience of repair and mounting of mechanisms on a platform. Finding of knots of the excavator and the main units guarantees free access to them for carrying out installation, repair and dismantling works. Practically all mechanisms and components of the excavator ECG-5a  possess a block design and mutual are replaced that gives the chance to apply a repair and aggregate nodal method.

The excavator EKG-5B  is created on the basis of serial EKG-5A. His ladle is equipped with pneumatic percussion teeths, which get into gear at increase in resistance when digging, guaranteeing destruction of mountain weight in the course of a digging and gives the chance to develop a fractured rock and coal of small and average fortress without their preliminary loosening. The use these machine is necessary, when it is impossible to carry out drilling-and-blasting works on ecological or other reasons. The expense of the electric power is no more than electric power expense during the operation of the machine with a conventional bucket. The excavator is equipped with a pneumatic system for supply of hammers compressed air.

The main for the EKG-5D excavator serves the serial EKG-5A, equipped with a diesel electric drive, which allows the machine to work in lack of power lines. Primary engines of the excavator are diesels which set in movement of DC generators, that fuel the engines of the basic mechanisms. Fuel capacity is 3800 litres. He is calculated on 24 hour of work without interruption. Remote control allows to monitor operation of diesels from the driver's cabin.
The working equipment consists of a ladle, arrow with a pressure mechanism and a bipedal stand, a handle of a ladle, the mechanism of opening of a ladle. The lower end of an arrow leans on thrust bearings of a rotary platform, and top – keeps on weight by means of a rope polyspast.
On a rotary platform are established a two-legged rack, hoisting winch, an winch arrow and body, two rotary mechanism, pneumatic system, electric equipment. In a forward right part of a platform there is the driver's cabin. The rotary platform through a roller circle finds a support in the running cart and connected with it the central pin. Between rotary and lower frames there is a high-voltage current collector.
Components of the bucket: bottom, forward and back part of walls, rocker arm and the cage with the leveler unit. The forward wall is made from highly manganese steel, and supplied with five removable teeths, too, from manganese steel. The forward wall and teeths become covered with solid alloy.
The handle and arrow of the excavator loader are made of the low-alloyed steel.
On the excavator boom are pressure mechanism, blocks arrow-rope, head-blocks, the winch of opening of a ladle. For a steady position fastening of an arrow is carried out by side rods, to the rotary platform.
The run mechanism is set in motion by an electric motor, which is installed on a forward wall of the lower frame.
The movement mechanism and the gear of switching of caterpillars is adjusted by the braking system. Basic knots of a hydraulic system are located on a back wall of the lower frame.
In the control system provided the elements, thanks to which mechanical characteristics of the main drives remain are stable at fluctuations of temperature.
Excavator ECG-5a is a heavy and large-size equipment. Transportation of EKG-5A can be implemented by special vehicles or conveyors on railway to the course. In transit the EKG-5A excavator it is necessary to remove (or to lower) the working equipment and to dismantle a biped stand.
The greatest distribution was gained by the ECG excavators 5A with a volume of ladle of 4-5.2 cubic meters.

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