Excavators EKG 12,5; 15

Excavator EKG-12.5 - powerful electric career all-wheel drive shovel on caterpillar to the course, intended for development by an open method of minerals or breeds of a overburden, with the followed by loading into vehicles or into the blade.
The excavator consists of working equipment, rotary platform and the lower frame with the running bogies.
The working equipment includes a ladle, handle, arrow, mechanisms of opening and braking of the bottom of a ladle.
The rotary platform serves as the basis for mounted on it mechanisms of the excavator (of a lifting winch, of the rotation mechanism, pressure head winch, of the compressor, electromechanical solidonagnetatel, electric equipments), and also the working equipment  and also makes together with them is the rotary part of the excavator.
Rotating part of the excavator via a ring rail rests on the roller circle, lying on the ring rail of the lower frame. The rotation platform is connected to the lower frame with by the central pin.
The lower frame rests on two running trolleys, each of which carries two crawler chain. Each undercarriage has its own drive.
The cable drum is attached to the lower frame, performing winding and unwinding of the feeding electric cable when moving the excavator.
For facilitation of mounting of repair and service of excavators on it are set two electrical hoists with a loading capacity of 3 tons, and also two winch in the form of the arrow.

Excavator EKG 15 - mechanical shovel with a rope pressure. It is intended for development and loading in vehicles of minerals and overburden breeds on open mining operations in the ground to the V category inclusive, for placement of overburden breeds in dumps, for accomplishment of large volumes of earthwork in an industrial construction.
Excavator delivers high performance, has good maneuverability, is simple in handle and operate.
Modern design, application high-strength staly in responsible mechanisms and low-alloyed staly in the main metalwork of the excavator ensures its reliable functioning in case of big dynamic loads, at an ambient temperature of -40 to 45 °C. Bucket equipped with an upgraded braking mechanism of the bottom, he which reduces fluctuations and prevents blows of the bottom about a handle and the case of a ladle.

The suspension bracket of a ladle is executed from one polyspast with the equalization block, what located on transverse tube, an top section arrows. Application of a new design of a suspension bracket of a ladle reduced the load of an arrow when digging. The strengthened handle beam with rigidly fixed semiblocks has raised limits of fatigue endurance of a handle.
Unified designs of winches of a pressure and rise. All mechanisms of the excavator are equipped with individual electric drives. Drives of turn, rise and pressure are equipped with oil heaters.
All drives of the excavator  equipped with electromagnetic disc brakes, they triggered at disconnection of the control circuits and a full de-energization of the excavator.

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