Excavators EKG 8I; 10

Excavators EKG-8 – electric, single-bucket, career, caterpillar, full-rotary shovels, on low-basic caterpillar to the course, are intended for development by an open method of minerals or breeds of a overburden with their subsequent loading in vehicles. Excavators can be used also for placement of breeds of a overburden in a dump.
Excavator EKG-8I with the main ladle with capacity of 8 m3 is intended for loading in the vehicles located at the level of standing of the excavator.
Scope of excavators – open mining operations in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, in the coal industry, the industry of construction materials, and also on large industrial and hydraulic construction, at air temperatures ranging from plus 40 °C to minus 40 °C.
If necessary, the excavator EKG–8I can be converted into a excavator EKG–4U or EKG–6.3 US. For this purpose it is only necessary to make replacement of the working equipment (an arrow, a handle, a ladle, a stele suspension bracket). The main knots are unified with the corresponding knots of the  excavator EKG-4U, EKG-6.3 US. Each excavator is supplied with sets of the tool and spare parts. The mass of the tool and devices of 1040 kg, spare parts (mechanical part) of 7400 kg, spare electric equipment of 1300 kg, counterbalance (the plant not supplied) 27–33 t.


The excavator EKG-10 with a ladle in capacity of 10 m3 is intended for development and loading in vehicles of minerals and breeds of a overburden on open mining pits, and also for an dumping and loading works in warehouses.
The new design of a ladle due to optimization of his geometry and the angles of cutting provides:

  1. improved, at embeddable into the slaughtering;
  2. full fillability of volume of a ladle;
  3. reduction of a cycle of loading;
  4. decrease in power consumption of digging;
  5. loading in dump trucks with a loading capacity of 72-120 t;
  6. railway dump cars normal track.

The handle of the excavator is executed from a high-strength stamped pipe. Fastening of a ladle to a handle - flange, motionless, on high-strength bolts, it provides simple replacement and high reliability (gaps and mobility in the compound are absent). The handle is unloaded from torsion and supplied with the damper of bilateral action which is built in in a tail part. In a head part of a handle is installed the replaceable returnable semi-block with a high surface hardness. On excavators the used saddle bearing with adjustable side and top rollers to the direction of the movement of a handle, with the pressure returning. It gives the chance to compensate wear and to lower dynamic loads of the working equipment of the excavator.
Excavators with the extended working equipment can be used for sinking of trenches, and also loading of the vehicles located on the overlying horizons.
Excavator EKG-10 is the base model.

To use the excavator ECG-10 in different flowsheets based on it are developed following modifications:

  1. EKG-10M with the widened ladle with a capacity of 11,5 m3 and the best fillability of a ladle when using on coal mines. The main ladle is intended for breeds with amount weight in general no more than 2,7 t/m3 (by the special order).

  2. EKG-10R with a ladle of 8 m3. The excavator EKG-10R  has the enlarged lifting effort to 110 t instead of 100 t and inline lifting winch with the enlarged intercenter distance of the reducer. On a rotary platform are provided bream and an holes for mounting as of line, and planetary reducer of rise.

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