Dragline 40/85

Dragline ESH 40/85 on walking to the step (the walking excavator) it is intended for stripping minerals without the use of transport with the laying of rocks in the mined-out space or to the pit side. The excavator can be operated at ambient temperatures from -50 ° to + 40 ° C.
Excavator rests on the ground round the support frame, welded from sheet low-alloy steel. On base frame, by means of a roller-rotating device is set rotating platform of the excavator, carrying superstructure, working equipment and mechanisms. The superstructure is a support for a suspension bracket of an arrow and cylinders of the mechanism of pacing.
Besides an arrow the working equipment of the excavator includes a ladle with ropes and rope sheaves, set on arrow and a superstructure. All main metalwork of the excavator: the arrow, a basic frame, a superstructure, a rotary platform are made from low-alloyed staly that increases their strength.
The arrow is executed from three rigid tubular belts forming a trihedral pyramid. The upper belt beforehand is compressed by ropes, that results in the process of the emergence in it only the variables tension of compression  and increases  the reliability and a longevity of an arrow. In working situation the arrow is supported by two braces and four ropes. For rise and lowering of an arrow is provided the special jib winch with cable-packer and the rope polyspast .
The ladle of a svarnolity design with a capacity of 40 m3, by means of which the digging and moving of soil, suspended on four lifting and four traction ropes with a diameter of 64 mm. The three-point hydraulic drive of the mechanism of pacing reduces weight, increases smoothness of movement, cross-country on various grounds, service life. Ventilation system provides cleaning and air supply in an excavator body of more than 400000 m3/h,  that creates inside the body an overpressure, prevents the penetration of dust.
For production assembly, repair and a number of auxiliary works inside the body installed electric overhead travelling crane with lifting capacity of 5 tons, on the right and left platforms, an arrow - electric hoists.
Electric equipment of the excavator has a proven system of the generator-motors with rotary inverter of energy cable in energy of a direct current. Changing the speed of basic electric motors and generators is carried out by means of thyristor converters.
Two cabins allow to operate the excavator with right, and on the left side, depending on the specific conditions. Warm and sound insulation of cabins, installations for air conditioning, electroheaters, window wipers and absorbers in the suspension of the cab to improve the working conditions of crew. The chair of the driver can be established in the most comfortable position,  glazed front wall and side windows provide a good overview of slaughter.
For convenience of transportation the base frame, a rotary platform is made collapsible. When mounting sections are interconnected by high-strength bolts.

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