Draglines 10/70; 11/70

ESH 11/70 - excavator walking with one-ladle, dragline. Full-circle earth-moving machine on the go, with working equipment of a dragline. Intended for dredging of soil with a strength from 1 to 4 category inclusive by production of overburden works without application of transport with laying of breed in the developed space or aboard a section, at the same time primers 3 and 4 of category has to be previously loosened by blasting.
The excavator can be used on open coal mines, and other open-cast minings of fields, and also on construction of channels, irrigational systems and various hydraulic engineering constructions.
Intended for a stripping of minerals without application of transport with laying of breed in the developed space or aboard a section. The excavator can be operated at an air temperature from minus 50 ° to plus 40 °C.
Excavator rests on the ground with round base frame, welded from the sheet low-alloyed steel. On a basic frame, by means of roller main-slewing device is set  the rotary platform of the excavator, the bearing superstructure, the working equipment and mechanisms. The superstructure is a support for a suspension bracket of an arrow and cylinders of the mechanism of pacing.
Besides an arrow the working equipment of the excavator includes a ladle with ropes and the rope blocks established on an arrow and a superstructure. All main metalwork of the excavator: the arrow, a basic frame, a superstructure, a rotary platform are made from low-alloyed steels that increases their strength.
The arrow is executed from three rigid tubular belts forming a trihedral pyramid. The top belt is previously compressed by the ropes that brings in the course of work to emergence in it only the variables of  tension stresses of compression and increases reliability and durability of the arrow. In working position the arrow is keeps by means by two struts and fours ropes. For rise and lowering of an arrow a special boom winch with stacker cable and rope pulley block.
Ladle welded-cast design is a capacity of 40 m3, by means of which the digging and moving of soil is carried, is the suspended on the four hoisting ropes and four traction ropes with a diameter of 64 mm.
The three-point hydraulic drive of the mechanism of pacing reduces weight, increases smoothness of movement, cross-country on various soils, service life.
Ventilating installation provides cleaning and air supply in the excavator body of more than 400000 m3/h, that creates the excessive pressure in the excavator body, preventing the penetration of dust into him.
For production assembly, repair and a number of auxiliary works in a body is installed the bridge electric crane with a loading capacity of 5 tons, on the right and  left areas, to the arrow - electric hoists.
Electric equipment of the excavator has a proven system of the generator-motors with electro-machine converter  energy of the cable in energy of a direct current. The change of rotary speed of main motors and generators is carried out by means of thyristor converters.
Two cabins allow you to control the excavator, with the right and also with left side, depending on specific conditions. Heat and sound insulation of cabin, installation of air conditioning, electroheaters, screen wipers and shock-absorbers in a suspension bracket of a cabin, for improved the working conditions of the crew. The armchair of the driver can be established in the most comfortable position, glazed front wall and side glasses provide the good review of a slaughter.
For convenience of transportation the support frame, a rotary platform are made collapsible. At installation of section connect among themselves high-strength bolts.