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Submitted ACT of acceptance tests connecting links to a traction harness of the excavator ESH-20/90. Tests have been executed 18.10.2012 year, on ESH-20/90 No. 29 and ESH-20/90 No.19 - of the Nazarovsky coal cut.
For carrying out test have been transferred 4 link according to the drawing 1060.61.08.sb and 11037.61.2010.sb. Comparison of results of tests produced with similar, made according on the same drawings connecting links, supplied RMZ Cheremkhovo and from Yurginsky machine factory.
By results of tests the connecting links made by LLC TD "Sib-alliance" on service life and wear resistance, about 3 times higher in comparison with products of the RMZ Cheremkhovo twice above in comparison with products of the Yurginsky engineering plant. It should be noted, the coupling link, drawing 11037.61.2010.sb  isn't produce the  RMZ Cheremkhovo and Yurginskiy machine building plant.

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